This past week I was in New York for BlogHer 2012. While I was there I was invited to a private screening of The Odd life of Timothy Green. Ladies let me just say this, bring some tissues. The movie is about a couple who have tried everything to have a child on their own and it just wasn’t in the cards. Without spoling the movie I can tell you that a little boy named Timothy comes into their lives and changes their life forever. Now this is no ordinary boy but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out more. The movie was awesome and we plan on taking our kids to see it as well. THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN opens in theaters everywhere on Wednesday, August 15th! Disney offered a meet and greet after the movie but Daniel got sick and we were unable to go.

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Before the movie started we saw a sneak preview of Disney’s Secret of the Wings about Tinkerbell and who finds out she has a sister. We also saw the short “PaperMan” which debuts in front of WRECK-IT RALPH on November 2nd.  I have to say PaperMan was adorable. With it being a short, I can’t give you much details without giving it away. Let’s just say that two loves meet in the most unusual way. The funny thing is they never actually say anything to each other.


Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to Marshall & Disney for this opportunity.

When Timothy Green unexpectedly shows up in Stanleyville, he changes the lives of the people he meets forever. Inspired by that, Disney has created an application ( that allows fans of THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN to upload and share photos of magical moments from their own lives. When a photo is submitted, it becomes a part of our Magical Moments Photo Collage:

 In addition, the application is hosting a sweepstakes where users can enter to win the grand prize – a Frigidaire Affinity washer and dryer! 25 first-place winners will receive a promo card for a photo book from Shutterfly!


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 THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN opens in theaters everywhere on Wednesday, August 15th!

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With less than a month left until The Odd Life of Timothy Green hits theaters (August 15th), Disney brings us the brand new Summer Fun Kit inspired by the film.


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Download easy tips to stay cool and safe in the sun, delicious recipes, and fun craft ideas to keep the kids busy this summer.  The Summer Fun Kit is brought to you by Disney and is FREE!

You will need the following:

Glossy Paper Flowers
Old magazines
Glue stick
Paper fastener
Step 1: To make a bloom, cut two to four flower shapes in various
sizes and patterns, as shown. Ours measure 1 1/4 to 5 1/2 inches.
Tip: For a symmetrical flower like the ones pictured, trace a circle
onto a magazine page and cut it out (we used an old CD as a
template). Fold the circle in half several times, as you would a paper
snowflake, then cut the folded paper into the desired petal shape,
making sure you don’t cut through the pointed tip.
Step 2: Roll a single magazine page into a slim tube for a stem
and secure it using a glue stick.
Step 3: Stack the floral shapes and secure them to the top of the
stem with a paper fastener. Pinch or fold the edges of the petals
to add dimension.
summer crafts this craft provided by

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