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Your socks should match your trousers

You can’t go wrong following this advice, as it serves to create a streamlined look with no unnecessary color contrast until the eyes meet the shoes.   I personally like this rule as its rigidness leaves no room for interpretation and confusion.

However once you have a sense of your own personal style, feel free to break this rule.  Doing so will introduce a wardrobe with a wide range of patterned and perhaps even lively colored socks that conservative dressers would avoid.   I’m a bigger fan of coordinating my sock with neckties and shoes; although more difficult than the aforementioned rule of matching your trousers, the tradition of coordinating your shoes, socks, and neckwear has a 100 year history and can help liven up an otherwise dull outfit.

Photo Credit: Penn Square Mall:

Do you remember the old fashion bathing beauties? Well swim wear has come along way these days but it looks like the vintage and retro swimwear is making a comeback. I am excited about this because after having 2 kids, I need something to cover those stretchmarks. I love that this style is making a comeback because it just shows you can still look sexy even though your, shall we say covered up? Check out Amy Clark from Mom Advice sporting this Assets swim suit from Target.

A little bit about Amy:

Q: When looking for a new look, what store would we most likely be able to find you in?

A: I have learned that shopping in one store is a bad idea for me. I end up buying multiples of the same exact shirt, dress, or pants and just buy them in multiple colors with the same exact fits. I try to really switch things up by finding pieces in lots of different places and creating my own style with them.

Granted, I am 34 years-old now, and I am just discovering this and figuring out my own style.

I love to go to Forever 21 for current trends and then mix them with a good pair of jeans from The Gap or my favorite Miraclebody jeggings.

I have also discovered that you can find great prices at the boutiques and I used to be the girl that shunned boutique shopping because I thought it would be too expensive My girlfriend owns a store called Flourish Boutique with a Steal of the Day that is $10 or less that anyone can take advantage of since they offer online shopping! The best part about shopping the boutiques is that you won’t show up at an event wearing the same exact dress as everyone else.

Q: What is your favorite online site to shop?

You might be surprised to know that I do a lot of my shopping on eBay for clothing. If I go to a store and find an outfit, pair of jeans, cocktail dress, etc.. at a particular store, I jot down the name, size, & style and see if I can find it on eBay. Many of the items are new with the tags and a fraction of the price. My favorite $80 pair of jeans was found for a mere $25 with free shipping on eBay and they were absolutely brand new and in perfect condition.

If you do a lot of online shopping, having a professional fitting by a wardrobe consultant can be very valuable. My friend, Kathy Friend , came to do a professional fitting with me and it has helped me so much. I know exactly what length my jeans should be with heels and without, I know what undergarments I should be wearing, and I know what colors should be staples in my wardrobe. I think that is why I feel so confident now about my wardrobe choices and feel proud of the outfits I am able to put together.

What do you think about this new fashion trend?  Hot or NOT? (I say totally HOT!)