Unusual beautyiItems crop up from time to time. Some new beauty items are wonderful inventions and some….well, they just make you scratch your head and wonder WHY. Here are some of the newer items out there…have you ever used any of these? What do you think of them?

Have you ever tried the new Lip Tattoo Transfer ?  It works similar to those rub on tattoos you had when you were a child; however, they have all kinds of designs for your lips.  They also have the same thing for your eyes called Eye Appliques or Eye Tattoos.  While these are not something to wear everyday they are unusual enough that an evening at a club or a costume party would be a great place for them.

I have always known that eating healthy was a good way to keep my hair and face looking their best; however, now you able to just apply the products to your skin and hair to get the results. There is a Yes To Tomatoes 3 Step Acne System; a Yes To Carrots Body Butter (which I honestly LOVE to times when my skin is super dry!) and even Colloidal Oatmeal Soap! Have you ever sat back and wondered how bored people were to come up with some inventions or what exactly made them even try things to see if they worked?

One of the new things that I personally really like and admit to originally getting at a salon is the new Gel Manicure.  Yes, they are more expensive; however, I loved that my nail polish lasted 3 weeks rather than less than a week.  I must be very hard on nail polishes since I cannot make it last longer than a week….with the new gel manicures it lasts much longer and looks great.  (I did buy a kit to do my own at home now though).  Another new nail item is Nail polish strips.  I have not personally tried them; however, I can understand the reasoning behind them.  I am just worried that if they go on so easy and mess free, that they would come off just as easy.

So what new and unusual beauty items have you tried?  How were they?  Have you tried any of the above (and below items)?  What did you think?




Red Widow: The Complete First Season is coming to DVD on May 23, 2013.  It is now available for pre-order on

Personally I am a HUGE Red Widow fan. It is nice to watch a show that does not insult my intelligence and that keeps you guessing each week. I dislike the shows that you can figure out in the first 5 minutes. ~Red Carpet Shopper

One woman’s dangerous journey into the world of organized crime as she stops at nothing to protect her family.  Red Widow: The Complete First Season two-disc DVD set brings fans closer to the mayhem as the search continues to uncover the truth about season one’s most explosive murder. The exciting release is packed with extras including never before-seen moments, exclusive content and more.

Bonus Features:
Red Widow The Journey – An exciting chance for fans to join show creator Melissa Rosenberg to learn about the creative process behind the development of making the exciting series!
Deleted Scenes – The chance for fans to check out additional pulse-racing experiences through material that didn’t make into the aired episodes.
Bloopers – A look at some of the hilarious behind-the-scenes moments from the set of “Red Widow.”

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Top 2012 DVD releases

by The Paparazzi on December 18, 2012


Wanna know the top 12 DVD releases for 2012? The Help was my all time favorite of the year on DVD!

Top-Selling DVDs of 2012


NOTICE: Amazon prices are subject to change at any time. We cannot guarantee that this price will be the same price when you attempt to order this item. It is highly recommended that you confirm the price in your cart BEFORE you submit your order.

 Looking for a holiday gift? Amazon has that perfect gift ideas for dad (under $50.)

Since it has taken me 30 years to grow my nails out, I’m very picky about how I care for them as well as whom I let care for them. Last year I discover gel nails, some places may be calling it shellac and it was amazing. For those who may not know shellac overlay is a very thin gel-like polish that keeps your nails shiny for 2 weeks or more and also keeps your nails from splitting and breaking. Since discovering this at my local nail salon I was paying on average about $40 a month having my nails done. Since I’m always looking for a way to save a little but still have the things I want I was excited to see a product called SensatioNail.

SensatioNail is a gel polish that allows you to have the same salon quality manicure only from home. I found this product at my local CVS. There are two versions of this, the first one is the starter kit that includes the LED light you need to dry the polish and the second is just the gel polish kit for those who may already have an LED light (I already had one so I just bought the gel polish kit). The starter kit costs about $50, but has enough products to do your nails at least 12 times. The gel polish kit costs around $26 and has the same amount of product. Now, since I like the French manicure look I found these really cool pre-packaged white tips called French Wrap at my local Sally Beauty Supply. This is nothing more than a plastic tip with white polish placed on the inside in various sizes. All you have to do is find the right size, place some of the adhesive on the tip and stick to your nail, then the plastic part peels off leaving only the perfectly shaped white polish on your nail. After you have this done you can put the gel polish on and you have a salon quality manicure.

If your interested in trying this yourself you can get the SensatioNail by Nailene Gel Polish Starter Kit, Raspberry Wine, 1 kit for $59.99 on Amazon and Nail Bliss French Wrap – Professional Manicure Kit for $33.99 on Amazon.  (These links are affiliate links.  Please verify the price has not changed before you complete the checkout process).

(Thanks Dorothy)

On Amazon these Coach Kristina Gold & Tortoise Metal Aviator Sunglasses are marked down to $103.76 from $240.00, that’s 57% off!! Whoa! That’s a great steal if you’re looking for some sizzling summer shades!