As a mom of 2 I have always been a frugal person. I had this secret love for handbags and shoes but as a mom I felt it was more important to spend money on my children so I rarely treated myself. Now that my kids are older  and that fact that I can now share my clothes with my teenage daughter you could say well, my closet has exploded. While I am still frugal in my grocery shopping and a few other areas, I have come to realize that fashion is just not one of the areas I am willing to skimp on.

The biggest problem I face as a young mom is that it’s hard to find clothes that actually fit you like a mom but don’t make you look like a mom. I mean seriously. I would kill for a hot pair of jeans that don’t show my butt crack but still covers that mommy belly that you get after having kids. On my quest to rescue myself from looking like my grandmothers grandma, I hope to help other mom like me fine their inner Red Carpet Mama.


My Work:

Melissa works with many brands and was invited to be a Kodak Red Carpet Bleacher Fan, she attended the Road Trip Movie premiere with Murphy USA and represented AdvancePierre Foods at the Sundance Film Festival. Melissa also has 2 other blogs, ConsumerQueen.com and MyRoyalKitchen.com where she has been featured on the Today Show,Oprah Radio Network, All You Magazine,Mashable, Ladies Home Journal, The Wall Street Journal and more. She is a TropiMommy,Walmart Mom,Ragu & Hellman’s Ambassador, Savings.com Deal Pro and part of the Hanes Comfort Crew.